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The Civil Department handles the filing of all civil suits, clerk suits, adoptions, successions; all matters relating to indexing; maintains docket and minute book; and records all costs associated with suits.  Following is a list of advanced costs associated with these civil matters.  If you need further information, please call the office at 337-394-2211.  The fax number for the Civil Department is 337-394-2240.



Civil suits, one service 300.00
Each additional service 100.00
Service through Secretary of State 125.00
Service through sheriff 100.00
Suit for divorce, with citation only  250.00
      With citation and rule 350.00
     With citation, rule, and temporary restraining order 350.00
Petition for money judgment, one service $5,000 or more 300.00
     Additional service 100.00
Reconventional demand, citation only 250.00
     Additional Service 100.00
     Citation and rule 300.00
Third-party demand with one service 250.00
     Additional Service 100.00
Petition of intervention with one service 250.00
     Additional service 100.00
Clerk's suits  
     Less than $5,000 200.00
      Additional service 100.00
Request for production of documents with one service 200.00
Rule to show cause with one service 250.00
Garnishments 300.00
Amended petition with one service 250.00
      Additional service 100.00
Executory process 300.00
Compromise settlement 300.00
Judicial commitment (not including doctor's or curator's fees) 300.00
Petition for restricted driver's license 300.00
Successions 300.00
Small Successions 200.00
Mandamus 250.00
Tutorship through letters 300.00
Emancipation 250.00
Minor's Settlement 300.00
Custody with one service 300.00
Child Support with one service 300.00
Paternity with one service 300.00
Change of Name 250.00
Subpoena, subpoena duces tecum, deposition subpoena 100.00
     For law enforcement officer, additional 130.00
Adoption proceeding 300.00
Answers 50.00
Answers with Jury Order 250.00
Answer and Exceptions 300.00
Default Judgments (without service) 125.00
Default Judgments (with service) 175.00
Each Additional Service 100.00
Joint Custody Plan with Order 350.00
Letters Rogatory 125.00
Motion for New Trial (for two notices) 250.00
     For each additional notice 30.00
Motion for Preliminary Default 50.00
Motion to Appoint Curator (not including Curator's fee) 150.00
Motion to Appoint Private Process Server 100.00
Motion to Continue (for two notices) 150.00
     For each additional notice 30.00
Motion to Cont. & Reset w/Service 250.00
Motion to Enroll or Withdraw (for two notices) 75.00
     For each additional notice 30.00
Motion to Set for Trial (for two notices) 150.00
     For each additional notice 30.00
Motion for Status Conference (for two notices) 150.00
     For each additional notice 30.00
Notice of Lis Pendens 75.00
Objection to Hearing Officer Conference 20.00
Rules for Custody, Child Support, etc. 250.00
Faxes (first page) 6.00
     (all other pages) 4.00